HeartCraft Mattress, a Division of HeartCraft Furniture

341 N Market St, Elysburg, PA 17824  |  570-672-9909

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Schedule A Nap in our testing room

Schedule a Nap™ in our HeartCraft exclusive mattress testing room.

The time and privacy you need to really decide which mattress is for you.

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About HeartCraft

Heartcraft Mattress is a part of Heartcraft Furniture in Elysburg, PA. Here you will find a selected group of mattresses from across Serta's four mattress lines — enough selection for you to find the perfect fit, but not too much as to be confusing. If you would like to try out the World's Best Mattresses™, come and take a nap on the Serta® mattresses in our showroom! It's true! We have a cozy sleep room in the back of our showroom. Choose your three mattresses, schedule a half-hour time slot with us, and come relax on Serta® Mattresses. It's like a fitting room for mattresses. How else will you know which mattress will make you happy for the next decade?

When visiting Heartcraft Furniture, you will also find a unique collection of beautiful, solid-hardwood furniture, most of it made in small family shops right here in Pennsylvania. Whether you are looking for dining furniture, bedroom furniture, or even custom kitchen cabinets, stop by and take a look. Besides the selection on display in our showroom, you can order from hundreds of other pieces made in our furniture shops.

As you park your car, you will realize that Heartcraft supplies more than home-interior products. We also offer outdoor products such as sheds, outdoor furniture, and gazebos. Many of our clients who purchase furniture or a mattress come back later for a storage shed or some poly-lumber Adirondack chairs. Why is that?

It's the service that will bring you back! We are your local small-town retailer who takes time for you. We will help you find exactly what you want. If we don't have it, we can get it, or even make it for you. Take the time to explore the products and ask your questions. To find out more about our other product lines, click through the button to go to our main website.